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This extensive knowledge center has been created for our clients and partners to access critical business information. Here you will find research and business advice on essential issues in human resources, management and leadership, training and development and improving businesses productivity.


Back to the Future for Baby Boomers

Staying in the workforce for longer than originally planned has implications for Baby Boomers and offers employers a valuable opportunity to benefit from their experience. + more

Engaging Employees through Period of Layoffs

Economic volatility is taking its toll on many organisations. Recent Watson Wyatt research shows that 39% of a sample of US companies have already undertaken some employee layoffs, and an additional 23% expect to do so during the next 12 months. Twenty-three percent have undergone an organisation-wide restructuring, and another 14% foresee the need for future downsizing and layoffs. + more

The Traits of a True Leader

A manager is one who gets results through other people by making them successful. A leader is one who focuses the desire for change that's resident within others and who then facilitates the creation of a sustainable new reality. + more

Culture - Harnessing the Invisible Force

The past decade has borne witness to a string of corporate scandals, from human rights abuses and environmental pollution to fraudulent accounting practices. Several of the world's largest companies collapsed, whilst those that survived paid the cost with a sizable dent in profits and an even greater battle to turn a tide of negative public opinion back in their favour. + more

Global Recruitment Trends for Engineering

No engineering employer can afford to ignore the option of global recruitment, however the principles of 'Sustainable HR Practice' must not be sacrificed. Firms must aspire to be employers of choice, focusing on staff development and engagement, high performance and consequent rewards, and low staff turnover. + more

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