Taking care of employees during a transition is essential for both their well-being and the success of your organisation.

When employees are let go without following a proper process, it can have a highly negative impact on individuals and create unnecessary disruptions in the business.

Managing this process effectively requires specific skills and meticulous planning to guarantee a seamless and successful outcome. Drake's career transition and outplacement solution can help organisations ensure that downsizing is handled with sensitivity and professionalism, while still achieving the desired overall goals.


Retrenching employees without the proper process can have an overly negative effect on both the individual and the manager.


Drake can customise an outplacement solution to help you minimise employee hardship while reducing corporate and personal exposure.


Career transition and outplacement solution benefits include: 

  • Maximising your integrity and commitment to your employees
  • Alleviating undue employee stress
  • Maintaining productivity while limiting business interruption
  • Minimising the risk of litigation
  • Reducing negative impact on remaining staff morale and productivity
  • Improving perception as an "employer of choice"
  • Addressing staff challenges and driving engagement
  • Providing significant cost savings


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